Category:  Industrial

Sector: Chemicals


Dichem Chemicals SA, active as a local representative and distributor of raw materials used in the industries of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and detergents, belongs to the Dichem group.

Besides Dichem Chemicals SA, the group is also comprised of Dichem Foods SA and Dichem Polymers SA.

The group operates with the objective of supplying high-quality raw materials and effective technical support to clients during the development stage of new products. The firm has managed to represent some of the largest foreign producers of chemically-based raw materials and packaging materials. Greece’s biggest industrial producers are among the company’s clientele.

The firm was founded in 1977 by two chemical engineers, Babis Lazaroglou and Nikos Palladas, both with extensive backgrounds working in the fields of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Since September, 2002, the firm has been based at its company-owned facilities along the Athens-Lamia national highway, in the Metamorphosi region, on the northern outskirts of Athens. The high-standard industrial facility is comprised of an office space measuring 1,300 square meters, as well as 5,200 square meters of storage space. Over 1,500 different types of products are stored amid ideal controlled conditions.

The year 2012 was a profitable one for the company. Sales declined to 11.17 million euro from 11.75 million euro in 2011. The firm posted a profit of 1.04 million euro in 2012, up from 990,000 euro in 2011.


Contact Details:

93 Loutrou st, 13678, Acharnes, Attica, Greece.

Τel: +30 210 2403448

Fax: +30 210 2404145